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Euroamerican Group Inc. was founded with the goal of providing clients with the upmost experience in regards to property development. Since inception, the company has focused on the real estate investment and development in the South Florida area. The focal point of the business is to buy or develop high quality resources and converting said resources into high-end products that are available to clients for renting and selling.


The Pristine merger of the European roots of the company with America’s ambitious mentality has enabled Euroamerican Group Inc. to develop high quality assets; such as the iconic 407 Building, The Monte Carlo Suites and Bella Isla Luxury Apartments, along with many other properties that showcase the capabilities of an exponentially growing enterprise.



Our 407 Building is a commercial property located in the heart of Miami Beach. It is managed and operated 24 hours a day to ensure excellent service and reliability to all of our tenants.


Our expertise lies in providing the best corporate rental properties available on all of South Florida. They are conveniently located with access to all major highways and are decorated to provide comfort, and relaxation.


Our luxury properties are geared towards the high end professional who requires privacy and specialized service and attention to every detail. We are certain you will have a wonderful experience that will keep you coming back to us.

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